An Experiment this Sunday...

This weekend I'll be featured in another collaboration with Sina Heiss and Lonesome George productions. This is an experimental project that explores the complicated figure of The Bride.

The story of The Danaids is a dangerous one, a difficult one: it's a Greek tragedy where the chorus literally runs away. Fifty sisters, fifty brides, betrothed to an eternity of sexual violence, say, simply, NO! And what follows are the reality-shattering consequences they never planned on. Transcendence, transformation, bloodshed, punishment, and finally, maybe, something more. THE DANAID TRILOGY is a refugee story, an adventure novel, a road movie, a very upsetting morning after the wedding brunch, a thriller, a revenge porn, a schizophrenic one woman show, a call to action, a prayer.

Join us this Sunday, February 21st at 7pm at Theaterlab (357 W. 36th Street in Manhattan) as Lonesome George and our NYC ensemble read/perform/experiment with scenes, monologues and movement from our international collaboration to reimagine Aeschylus' epic trilogy (The Suppliants, The Egyptians, and The Danaids) - the tragedy of 50 brides who dare to cheat fate and flee their 50 violent and vicious grooms. We're calling this experiment "WELCOME TO HELL." We're starting at the end to find our way to the beginning.

Tickets are just $5 at the door, and the reading/workshop is one hour with a talk-back after. 

Cast: Malin Barr, Dianne Diep-Rossi, Christine Holt, Stephen Powell, Phoebe Sandford, Julie Congress, Simone Tetrault, Elena Levenson, Halima Henderson, Timothy Elliott, Itamar Segev, Carla Lerner, Leah Donovan, Aja Niesenson

Director: Sina Heiss
Writer: Gabrielle Sinclair

This is event is kindly supported by THEATERLAB through NPS - Non Profit Sundays and by the Austrian Cultural Forum NYC. Email for reservations.